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Wrightsville Beach Fishing Report 6-23-18

Had a great group from pinehurst in town for a full day offshore. The sea was pretty kicked up at 3-4' with 15-20kt sw winds so we knew we would be staying close and the mahi they strongly desired would be tough to find. Pushed out to 20 miles and deployed the spread. Instant hook up with a 30" king on planer. got consistent bites on the #6 planer and white/silver drone spoon as well as ballyhoo rigged on Big Nic Mackahoos until we found a small weedline and ventured off our hot spot in search of mahi. Flyers, current, weeds, turtle, birds...but no mahi. got back to the initial area and put out a teaser, had a nice mahi come up to the teaser and then went down and smacked the planer. Shortly after we got a second one on on a rigged ballyhoo up top. Finished with 25 kings (only kept three) 2 mahi and a happy group.

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